We promise to respect your budget and show you how to use it wisely. In fact, we will use our experience and resources to save you money where we can.

We will plan so that your event flows smoothly, with a precise but pragmatic timeline.

We will ensure that your vision takes shape, with minimum stress.

Let us take care of you.....so that you can truly enjoy the planning process and the event itself.

I began my company in 2004 though I have worked for over 15 years in the New York/New Jersey area at creating private celebrations, not-for-profit fund-raisers, and community events. My typical clients lead busy lives, but are not willing to forgo any of the complexities of a well-crafted event. This is where I come in.

I understand the strength and value of stylish presentation that is delivered with effective organization. Consequently, I have chosen the iconic Asian image of the elegant lotus flower supported serenely above the murky pond by its pragmatic, sturdy leaves as a metaphor for the services provided by my company.

Zamzam Hussain, Lotus & Leaf, LLC